Graphite Sketching Set(16pack)
No. MP72183

This charcoal set has everyting you need for the perfect charcoal drawing

Set includes:

  • 3x Charcoal pencils(soft/medium/hard), to create a variety of grey shades

  • 4x Sketching pencil HB/2B/4B/6B, superb for detailed sketches

  • 3x Paper blending stump, madeof soft paper and ideal for blending areas of pastel

  • 1x Sand paper block, it can be used to quickly bring back the point of your charcoal pencils, also great to produce a point on hard pastels

  • 1x Metal sharpener, brings all your pencils to a sharp point

  • 1x Eraser, erase charcoal cleanly and create highlights in your sketches

  • 1x Metal knife, sturdy and durable

  • 1x Pencil extender, the pencil is used to the end, which can be used to extend the convenient control

  • 1x Sketching bag, 24x20.5x3cm